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The 2013 Erasmus Medal for prof. Davies

Monday, 16 September 2013
 Academia Europaea is an international, non-governmental association located in Great Britain, with over 2000 individual scientists and scholars from various countries, including 50 Poles. Most of European Nobel Prize winners are members of the AE. Its aim is to promote learning, education and international interdisciplinary research. It is Wroclaw to be place for scholars from all over the continent to celebrate Academia’s 25th jubilee and discuss the future of European science.

During the annual members’ conference the 2013 Erasmus Medal was awarded. This premiere honour is sponsored by the Heinz-Nixdorf Stiftung and given to renowned scholars whose works, in the view of the Accademy Council, represent a significant contribution to European culture and scientific achievement. Traditionally Erasmus lecture is an important point of the opening Cremony of the annual conference. This year the Erasmus Medal has been awarded to professor Norman Davies. He dedicated his lecture to the capital of Lower Silesia, mentioning changes which had influenced the city through centuries.

The Academia Europaea’s conference in Wroclaw took place from 16 to 19th September 2013.