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The Isles. A History

Wednesday 01 March 2000 History Today, Robert Pearce
The Isles
A respected historian of European affairs, Davies has surveyed the broad span of British history, from the end of the Ice Age to the present day, with the skeptical eye of a relative outsider. The result is a highly controversial blockbuster which not only looks at the part but examines current notion of national identity and looks ahead to likely future developments. Professional historians, often specializing in a decade or two and with a working knowledge of perhaps a century, will surely find reading it  a frequently humbling experience. Too often, argues Davies, the propaganda of the victors has been accepted as fact. 

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The Isles: a history

Monday 13 November 2000 The Independent, Christopher Harvie

To that group opinion which holds the break-up of the United Kingdom to be imminent.