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Sunday 01 August 2004 The Warsaw Voice, Krzysztof Renik
Rising '44
Davies dedicated his several-hundred-page book "To Warsaw and to all who fight tyranny regardless." This is a significant dedication for a work by a historian. It carries a bold and meaningful message and at the same time reveals the emotional attitude of the author to the events he describes. For Davies, the Warsaw Uprising was not only an important and intriguing episode in the complex history of WW II, but was also an unusual impulse for Polish society, which in the name of freedom, on Aug. 1, 1944 challenged its fascist oppressors. Actually, Davies does not hide his sentiment for those fearless Polish insurrectionists who with bottles of gasoline in hand attacked German tanks on the streets of Warsaw. He is straightforward about his own approach: "This book has been written out of an internal compulsion to pay homage to the insurrectionists.

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