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The Pole truth...

Sunday 28 April 2002 The Observer, James Hopkin

The irrepressible Norman Davies returns with yet another weighty tome. This time he is aided by his former student Roger Moorhouse, who also assisted with Davies's The Isles: A History. Such is the ambition of Microcosm that Davies enlisted the research skills of a further 60 specialists, which may leave you wondering whether this compendious book is itself best read in teams.

The city in question is Wroclaw in Silesia, west Poland, now a thriving university city 190km south-west of Warsaw and 160km from the German border. Wroclaw's location in the corridor of central Europe, 'the lands in-between', granted it a position on the busiest east-west trade routes, and since its origination in the eighth century the city has attracted a relentless flow of migrants, and no end of trouble. 

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Even the stones spoke German

Thursday 28 November 2002 London Review of Books, Brendan Simms

Travellers to the western Polish city of Wroclaw in the 1980s could still encounter Germans who had lived there before the Second World War.

The long journey from Wroclaw to Breslau

Saturday 25 January 2003 The Guardian, Nicholas Lezard

There is a lesson for us all in the thousand-year history of a central European city.